Our Founders


Brian Cunha Defaria
Professor Cavalo

Born December 4, 1982. Began training capoeira in December of 1998 in Miami, FL under Mestre Delei “Kacula”. Now with nearly 16 years of experience in the field, Professor Cavalo is President of the Maculele Miami Brazilian Arts Institute based in Miami, FL. Capoeira has taken Professor Cavalo around the world where he has given numerous workshops/seminars introducing and explaining the various benefits of the art. He has given workshops/seminars in:

  • Londrina, Parana – Brazil
  • Belo Horizonte – Brazil
  • San Juan – Puerto Rico
  • San Jose – Costa Rica
  • Bogota – Colombia
  • Provo, Utah – USA
  • San Antonio, Texas – USA
  • Austin, Texas – USA
  • Denver, Colorado – USA
  • Atlanta, Georgia – USA
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – USA
  • New York, New York – USA
  • Tampa/Sarasota/Tallahassee/Jacksonville, Florida – USA

Now with a group headquarters situated in Hallandale Beach, Florida, Professor Cavalo has become the director of Capoeira in Miami, Florida under Mestre Francsico “Fran” Da Silva with the International Group Of Capoeira Maculele. Over the past years, Professor Cavalo has worked with a number of Schools and Universities (Miami Dade Community College, Florida Memorial University, Barry University, St. Thomas University, Nova University) to help increase the exposure of Capoeira in Miami. By encouraging knowledge of the Afro-Brazilian culture, and developing physical and musical abilities, Professor Cavalo has planted the seed of capoeira in Miami, FL and is eager to continue doing so!


Maria Montserrat Hernandez
Instrutora Venus

Born on March 23, 1986 in Alajuela, Costa Rica. She began training capoeira in 2002 at the age of 16 under Mestre Delei “Kacula”. After traveling to Brasil in 2003 she was convinced that the art of Capoeira was her calling. In 2005 she moved to Miami, FL to begin teaching Capoeira along with her husband, Professor Cavalo. She has taught capoeira workshops/seminars throughout South Florida and in such places as:

  • Seattle, Washington – USA
  • Washington DC – USA
  • Atlanta, Georgia – USA
  • Austin, Texas – USA
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – USA

In 2009 she received 2nd Place in an International Capoeira Competition (Capoeira Maculele – Mundial 2009). In 2010 she reached the rank of “Instrutora” in Londrina, Brazil. A very high ranking in Capoeira. Then again in 2011 she received a 2nd Place trophy in the absolute division in the same competition (Capoeira Maculele – Mundial 2011). A mother of three, Instrutora Venus is an inspiration to many female (and male) students. She has dedicated her life to the art and is still barely scratching the surface of her potential!

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